Guest Speakers-Seacamp Goes Hollywood! 

Dr. Jeff Carrier 
The crew of "Wild Moments" takes over Flattop 5 to capture Dr. Jeff Carrier and company in the act of releasing a newly tagged Nurse shark.
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July 26, 2001
Shortly after 8:00 AM, a flurry of activity swarmed around flattop 5. A mass of audio/video equipment including cables, underwater cameras and boom mikes were loaded onto the boat in preparation for the filming of "Wild Moments," a syndicated nature program shown across the country. 

The stars of the show were Jack Hubley, the host of Wild Moments, Dr. Jeff Carrier, professor of biology at Albion College and member of the Seacamp board of directors, Noah and Nicole, two lucky campers, and of course, a nurse shark named Jack. Together they all aimed to teach the world a little something about nurse sharks. 

Once the crew of above and underwater photographers, sound men, producers and a small group of spectators were loaded on the flattop, Dr. Carrier and the rest of the day's on-air talent boarded the motorboat that would be their set for the day. 

Once both boats were anchored at a pre-selected location behind Horseshoe Island, the cameras started rolling. Dr. Carrier shared his extensive knowledge of nurse sharks and walked Jack and the campers through the process of catching, weighing, tagging and releasing a shark.

One camera and two wireless microphones caught all the action above the water from the deck of the flattop. Meanwhile, in the water, a second underwater camera man in full snorkel gear tracked the action from a shark's eye view below the surface. 

As Dr. Carrier finished up the final informational interview segment, a squall line moved in from the south. Everyone aboard both boats scrambled to stow all the expensive gear and head back for the harbor before the "set" started leaking. 

Minutes later, the sun-scorched crew docked and unloaded everything just before the sky opened up on the Seacamp property. There was still more work to do, but the morning had been a success. 




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