Seacamp's Unique Program Trips

Boat trips usually begin with introductory remarks by the instructor while the pontoon boat is still dockside. The large platform of the pontoon boat is well suited for classes of ten to twelve campers.

While anchored over the site being studied, the specimens collected by the campers and distinguishing features of the marine environment can be discussed by the group. Specimens may be returned to the laboratory and placed in appropriate aquaria.

Our trips to the grass and sponge flats reveal exotic red, purple and green sponges of all Seacamp, click on image to enlargeshapes and sizes. Here shrimp and bristle worms find their habitat. Anemones stretch their tentacles to wary fish, while the delicate anemone shrimp prowl unharmed among these some tentacles. More than 100 varieties of algae can be found on the ocean floor. Countless minute creatures lurk in the silt of the turtle grass beds unnoticed until discovered under the microscope. Colorful sea whips and sea fans sway with the rhythms of the restless ocean. Webbed starfish, solitary crabs, lobsters, sea urchins, hosts of exotic fish, curious barracuda, timid rays and octopus, schools of squid, and large conchs are a few of the area's numerous inhabitants. The popular coral head Seacamp, click on image to enlargecommunities resplendent with hues of color, delicate feather duster worms, banded coral shrimps, spiny urchins and iridescent crabs may be visited more than once in a session.




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