Oceanwalk Project

For those of you who have been at Seacamp, the back wall area behind the dining hall holds a special charm. This is the best place to come catch the breeze and watch unforgettable Keys’ sunsets, a wonderful place to fish. How many of Seacampers spent hours at that point casting their rods and waiting for the fish to bite! 
Here is a picture of that area how it used to look. !

 That’s right, used to look. It doesn’t look like that any more. A very exciting project is going on over there right now. The project is called the OCEANWALK. The idea for the projects emerged after Hurricane Georges in 1998 damaged our south seawall and uplands. At that time Seacamp determined to repair the seawall in such a fashion that this could never happen again. We put our heads together and conceived Oceanwalk, a grand project to beautify this area and make our property safer. 

The new dream includes the seawall, but in addition we wish to develop the upland area behind the lab and dining hall into mini teaching centers, with landscaping and steps through the seawall for safe entry into the water. It took us some time to get started as we had to secure the fund for this project. 

Seacamp managed to receive a mitigation grant from FEMA which is funding three-fifths of this project. The Florida Department of Community Affairs (DCA) picked up one-fifth. One fifth is Seacamp’s responsibility. This grant includes the basic structure of the seawall and the walkway. It does not fund the decorative finish of the walk way or the benches that will establish this teaching area and accommodate the social events that occur behind the labs and dining hall as the sun sets. 



2003 | 2004

Dr. Dan
Dan Gallagher, Seacamp's special projects guy, did the fun part building Ocean Walk - all of the paperwork managing the grant and paying contractors.
Hector Sardina
Hector, a retired engineer now working on Seacamp staff, spent his days in the sun supervising the contractor crew.



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