Aired February 27th

National Geographic debuted its new series "Crittercam Chronicles"
this weekend on the National Geographic Television Channel, a series
that featureed an episode on Jeff Carrier's nurse shark work the last few
years. If you click on the link below, you'll be taken to the Geo site.
The following features are worth following:

The picture that will greet you will change, and the nurse shark
carrying her jewelry will show up!

If you scroll down a bit to "Read About CritterCam in the News," you'll
see the three feature articles on Dr. Carrier's research with nurse sharks on the
National Geographic web site. Be sure to check the links in the right
frame to all three articles!

On this same page, in the left frame, there is a link to TV Series.
Click there. You'll then see some pictures of CritterCam and a link to
"Video Previews" right under those pix. Click there to go to the preview
page and select nurse sharks! The clips that they have included take
place at Seacamp and show how the reserach group began the tests of the



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