The Laboratory Facilities at Seacamp
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Seacamp's growing laboratory facilities include a running seawater circulation system which serves two 250-gallon display tanks, two 50-gallon aquaria, twenty 20-gallon aquaria, and two 600-gallon tanks, which are shared by campers and science staff for research and observation. Numerous 5 gallon aquaria are exclusively for campers to use and maintain. There is a preparation room stocked with charts, illustrations, stereo and compound microscopes, preserving jars and solutions, an assortment of other chemicals routinely used in marine work, water analysis kits, seines, scoop nets, buckets, scientific glassware, oceanographic equipment, and a Polaroid camera with a microscope attachment for photomicrography. Seacamp's man-made pool, known as a "shark pond" serves as a temporary habitat for larger live specimens.




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