Seacamp's International Programs

At Seacamp, we think globally. Our campers come to us from all over the world - we generally have thirty or more international Seacampers each summer. We also recruit a few international counselors to add variety to our staff and programs. We like to hear a mixture of languages at our camp, and encourage youth from all over the planet to join us for a session. Seacamp is a great place to make friends and share experiences with our neighbors around the world.

We also take Seacampers on fun and educational international trips. This began as a program several years ago with sailing trips from the Keys to the Bahamas. In 1994, we took a group of fourteen Seacampers for a 24-day eco-venture to Russia. They spent part of the trip "camping" on a cruise ship that toured the Volga River, and also enjoyed a two-week stay in a Russian youth camp near a national forest outside of Moscow. Other highlights of the expedition included a train trip on the famous "Red Arrow" from St. Petersburg to Moscow, visits to numerous cathedrals and museums, a visit to "Star City," the Russian space center, and cultural and environmental education programs provided by Russian educators.



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