Guest Speakers

An exciting part of a campers experience at Seacamp is spending time listening to leaders in the profession of ecology, marine science and biology. Below are just a few of our guest speakers. 


“Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation”

Janet Matheny

“Coral Reef Fisheries, Conservation Ethics and Marine Resources”

Dr. James Bohnsack

“Adventures in Marine Biology”

Eve Krot: Research Staff, Florida Marine Research Institute, Fisheries Dependent Monitoring, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and Science

Billy Causey, superintendent of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, explains problems facing the sanctuary.
Dr. Jeff Carrier speaks to campers about his research with Nurse Sharks and their mating habits. 

Dr. Jeff Carrier took the crew of Animal Planet's "Wild Moments" out for a lesson about nurse sharks.

Dr. Jim Porter of the University of Georgia presented his work with the EPA's Coral Reef Monitoring project.

Dr. David Guggenheim spoke to campers about preserving the South Florida ecosystem.



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