Letter From the Founder

Dear Seacamp Alum:

Seacamp Association, Inc. treasures its past association with you and looks forward to becoming reacquainted. We hope that your life was touched in a meaningful way by your Seacamp experience. Don't miss out on what we have planned for you in the near future.

Beliveve it or not, we would like to give you a "penny for your thoughts." That's right, if you are kind enough to complete this questionnaire, we will send back to you a limited edition pressed penny with the famous Seacamp logo. These elongated coins are collectibles made by forcing a penny through a press under tremendous pressure. This issue is limited to our Seacamp Alumni Family!

By sharing yourself with us through the enclosed questionnaire, we hope to rekindle our relationship. Complete the questionnaire with as much information as you feel comfortable sharing, and as your time permits. Exciting Seacamp alumni programs and communications are being considered. They include:

  • Alumni Advisory Group
  • Alumni Reunions
  • Alumni Directory
  • Alumni Special Events
  • Alumni Camps
  • Alumni Newsletter
  • Alumni Store
  • Alumni Travel Programs
  • Alumni Web Site
  • Alumni Bulletin Board

If you don't have time to complete the questionnaire, consider sending us a copy of your resume to:

Seacamp Association, Inc.
1300 Big Pine Ave.
Big Pine Key, Florida 33043-3336
Phone: (305) 872-2331

This is our first attempt at reaching out to you. With your help, our Seacamp Alumni Association will grow, and we will continue our mission to reach out and teach others about the marine environment. You may have read about recent gatherings of more than 1,600 scientists from around the world, who sounded a warning about the unprecedented damage occurring to our oceans. Join us as we move into the future and continue our educational mission, learning more about the ocean and all its astonishing life, and how we can foster respect for this vast, but threatened resource.

Sincerely yours,

Irene U. Hooper
Founder, Executive Director
Grace L. Upshaw
Director, Seacamp



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